Pac-Man Influenced Property

by Admin on July 9, 2014

The 80′s computer game, Pac-Man, continues to have an influence even in property. Here are six photo’s of homes and buildings with a Pac-Man influence :)


Tell Me Your Story

by Admin on July 8, 2014

Editors Note: This post is from Matthew Ferrara but it could be from Follr. Matthew makes the point we have been making for years: your story is extremely valuable. Here is our soundbite:

and here is Matthews far more detailed explanation. Let us know what you think.

Source: Matthew Ferrara

Matthew Ferrara

Matthew Ferrara

“… has taught more than 2000 seminars, in twelve countries, and authored more than 400 articles. Matthew is widely acknowledged with having invented the paperclip. Please help me welcome….”

The host didn’t blink. The audience didn’t blink. When the polite applause subsided, I thought: They have no idea know who I am from that introduction. They didn’t even hear that last point about the paperclip. How will I get get them to lower their defenses, trust me, before I offer my ideas? Somehow I knew more claims about my awesomeness wasn’t going to work.

So I decided to tell a story.

It went like this: A few years ago, I was teaching in Montana. After lunch, I felt a queasy rumble in my stomach. Slowly, I walked towards the back of the room, issuing instructions to the audience to discuss something amongst themselves. If I could just distract them for a moment, before my stomach lurched! With seconds to spare, I made it out of sight. As I heard the audience’s voices rising, I vomited into a garbage barrel.

Unfortunately, I’d forgotten to turn off the lapel microphone.

Back in the here-and-now, my audience groaned and laughed. I’d gotten them to blink. My story did what the bullet-points of my resume didn’t. They immediately understood: Hey, I’m just an ordinary guy, like you! I’ve had my ups-and-downs, some interesting experiences. If you give me a chance, there’s something I can offer you that will help you reach your goals.

We were beginning to connect.

That’s the power of storytelling.

My resume isn’t enough to get people to look. We live in an era where credential-claims fly faster than tweets, with similar validity. Consumers are skeptical, defensive, of marketing claims. For those of us who make a living selling – a product, service, even ideas – you only have a few precious minutes to make a connection.

People “buy” on emotion first, facts second. That’s true for people and products. Our gut frequently overrides our brain. We go shopping for an econo-car, but leave in the sports car. We wanted socks, and buy shoes. Our budget calls for a $200,000, but make an offer on the $260,000 one we fell in love with!

If that’s how people buy, consider if you’re the one selling something.

Less facts; more emotions.

Stories make an impact in ways facts and figures often cannot. I bump into people all the time who attended a “information-packed” seminar years ago. The almost always say, “I loved your story about the Hyatt!” It was the story that helped them latch-on to any data, ideas or suggestions I made. Not my resume, my computer or my suit.

To make a sale, tell more stories.

Whether we’re marketing ourselves or our products, we must get beyond the facts. Even when we try to tell stories, we frequently choose the “documentary” form. We extol our specs, our products specs, the market specs. But think about the most memorable commercials you’ve seen, or the products or people you love the most: What matters most is that we’ve become part of their story.

Of course, data matters to a lot of purchases: Clients want to know about our tools, techniques, time, and cost. I usually reserve that conversation until after we’ve become so comfortable with each other the deal is essentially done. In my experience, I’ve never lost a gig because of my past sales volume, a particular technology I used (or didn’t) or the color of my tie.

When I tell clients my story, my goal is to get them to the point of saying: I like your story! Now, do your thing!

Take a look at your use of storytelling.

What stories are telling today? Look at your bio, social media presence, even how you talk about yourself with clients. Don’t be afraid to do some re-writing. Try to go beyond the “bullet points, facts and specs” of your career.

Talk about how you started, what motivates you, where you’ve been, what your career means to you. You don’t have to be bland: be bold! Leverage your unique personality traits to attract customers who want that style: Tell me how your sense of funny, serious, risky, creative, silly, hope, safety, confidence, and so on empower the kind of experience I want to buy.

Rewrite it a few times: Bullet points are easy. Developing a plot-line for yourself involves different thinking and writing. Why not try different formats, too? Perhaps your value proposition is best understood through a poem, song or photograph. Let your imagination go; today’s media tools can tell stories beyond just words.

Then position your story everywhere. Your voicemail, email, website, social media and in-person experience with clients. When you make your next presentation, be prepared to start with a story, and end with one, too!

Your stories position you as a unique value proposition. They increase your immunity to price pressure. You can’t be commoditized, ranked, rated or price-reduced, if you’re competing on your storyline. Be a history, a future, a mystery or a romance.

Inspire me, to sell me.

What’s your story?

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