Kyle Rank: A Real Estate Profile Website That Brings Everything Together

Kyle Rank

Kyle Rank

In the book “The New Digital Age” Google Chairman Eric Schmidt states “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results.”

Clearly Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Managing Broker Kyle Rank gets that. He describes himself as “obsessed with anything tech or real estate” but you really don’t need to be technically savvy to understand the value of his profile Website:

Kyle has done an amazing job by adding:

An intro video:
A personal story:
Helpful documents:
And real-time personal and professional social media content:

Kyle Rank

From an SEO perspective Kyle unfortunately shares his name with a professional ice hockey player but a search on “Kyle Rank Real Estate” places his profile Website 1st organically – note, it places higher than, yelp, zillow and even his broker Website:

Follr Profile Organic SEO Search Results

Kyles profile Website also allows anyone to contact him, read his resume and see his endorsements. And as part of the Follr network Kyle gets to connect with other agents.

Nice job Kyle!

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