Voice for Real Estate – Tech Disrupters, Flood Ins. CFA, Scam, Virtual Brokers

President-elect Elizabeth Mendenhall and CEO Bob Goldberg said NAR must work with technology innovators to ensure future disruption keeps the role of real estate professionals central as the role of technology expands. NAR is releasing a Call for Action to its members to advocate for passage of long-term flood insurance reauthorization in the House. Also, a texting scam is targeting real estate, and brokers say virtual brokerages are becoming key competitors.

Fundamentals From the Field: Staging a Bathroom to Be a Strong Selling Point

With the spring selling season upon us, you want to make sure every corner of your listing is show-ready for the rush of buyers. You know the bathroom can make as big an impression as the bedroom or living room, but how often do you go the extra mile to stage it just as perfectly? Home staging expert Tori Toth has some simple ideas for making the bathroom a stronger selling point.

Social Media and Content Are Top Priorities for Marketers in 2017

Marketing in the digital world has come a long way from the ugly banner ads that made our eyes bleed in the early days of the internet. Whether it’s paying to show up in search results, sharing content on social media or having a YouTube star use your product in one of his/her videos – these days there are countless ways to promote products, services and brands online.

Over the past few years, social networks in particular have risen in significance from a marketing point of view, as hardly any other channel can match Facebook & co. in targeting a specific group of people. According to a study from Econsultancy and Adobe, who surveyed almost 3,500 international marketers on how their spending on various digital marketing channels would change this year, social media marketing remains a top priority for brands in 2017.

As our chart illustrates, 56 percent of the respondents plan to increase their social media spending while just 5 percent plan to do the opposite. Content marketing and personalization are also high on marketers’ agenda this year, while spending on display and search advertising won’t be further increased by the majority of marketing professionals.

This chart shows how marketing professionals plan to adjust their digital marketing budget in 2017.

Infographic: Social Media & Content Are Top Priorities for Marketers in 2017 | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

Are These The Best or Worst Real Estate Marketing Videos You Have Ever Seen?

Where do we begin… how about with San Diego’s Rafael Perez.

There’s no doubting his video is getting attention and Perez is not the first real estate rapper we have highlighted recently (see: “Real Estate Rap: Houses Gettin’ Sold!“) but is this comedy/marketing genius or so bad it’s like seeing a car accident; you simply can’t turn away?

Next up is this video from Los Angeles based Realtors Cherrie Brown, Zach McReynolds and Sara Spalione. Perhaps there’s something in the Southern California water?

And it’s not just real estate agents, it’s also lenders:

The question that really has to be asked: does this type of marketing help or hurt a business?