5 thoughts on “Extravagant Children’s Playhouses

  1. Their beautiful but doesn’t it promote high expectations?
    The children that will enjoy these fancy playhouses will grow up to expect a real house just like it. Then when they realize they can’t have it what then? Will they resort to crime to get it?
    What ever happened to building a fort out of scrap 2×4’s and ply-wood and nails ECT from around the neighborhood? That’s what I built as a kid, a simple fort made from scrap. I even had wall to wall carpet from scraps.

    • Seriously! If they can’t have something nice they will resort to crime to get it. While I know that can happen it seems a little silly to make a blanket statement about the small homeowners. i prefer to think that it will promote a better work ethic in order to have the finer things in life.

  2. Think ill move into one of those,there bigger than my flat.
    Wonder if I can squeez one on my balcony??

  3. OMG cute!!!
    Where can I get one?!
    lol crime to get a house? Seems difficult. Hopefully you raise your child to avoid crime while they get to play in 1 of these SWEET houses.

  4. The problem that children with wealthy parents isn’t the godies they get used to. It’s that they don’t know how to manage money they get their trust fund and blow it in two years. I knew a young lady of a very wealthy family. She had about a $300-dollar monthly allowance, bak in the 80s. She had no limits as to what she could do with it. However, she was solely responsible for her clothes, school supplies, lunches, etc. She, at fifteen, managed her money very wisely because she knew that when it was gone, it was gone. She was an impressive, responsible young lady. I was so impressed. I think it’s the parents’ attitude that influences these kids when they reach adulthood. If I was wealthy, I’d buy my kid one of those fancy playhouses, perhaps not as fancy as these, but large anyway. . They’d also be responsible for keeping it clean and paying for damages. I think that if done properly, a child can be guided in properly managing their own financial affairs and develop a realistic attitude as to what they do and don’t need.

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