Is that a Bathroom? MLS Photos You Have to See to Believe!

In the past, we have shown a variety of bathroom photos, from toilets that are creative, fun, or just plain scary to the most expensive toilet you will ever sit on. Here are some more hilarious bad bathroom MLS photos from our friends at Bad MLS Photos for you to enjoy. :)

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4 thoughts on “Is that a Bathroom? MLS Photos You Have to See to Believe!

  1. Agents worldwide have to know they’re in the property MARKETING business. They’re not just sales or letting agents. If they’re not MARKETING property correctly, they’re potentially missing out on the optimal selling price if the optimal purchaser (every property has one) doesn’t bother to look at that property because of its slipshod presentation to the market. ALSO – owners HAVE to understand that their bottom line is affected by their slovenly presentation. Nobody with any intelligence would try to sell a car without first washing it. Why should their homes be any different. If houses are let then the tenants who behave like this should be treated like small children and told to tidy up – or pay for a company to come in and do it for them – or that clause should be written into the lease in order to protect the landlord’s investment when they come to re-let. You might understand that what appears above drives me crazy as an ex agent who is currently a professional photographer and property marketing creative. Sorry – my name isn’t DurRANT for nothing.

  2. I couldn’t agree more John especially about home owners taking some responsibility! If more complained it would force agents like these to up their game and everyone wins.

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