Naked Realtors – The Next Reality Show?

Stephen M. FellsIf you think reality TV has gone too far be thankful you aren’t a Realtor (or ‘estate agent’) in Britain. Earlier this year the BBC ran a series of programs called “Naked” where “a group of professionals take a series of challenges designed to help their self-esteem.”

One of the episodes focused on five estate agents where a psychologist and image consultant oversaw “a radical self-confidence building course”. The agents undertook a series of challenges designed to help them get rid of inner demons and to help their self-esteem at work and at home.

Naked Realtors

Things start with each person revealing their most intimate fear in front of a live audience. This is followed by a 200ft bungee jump and an attempt to heal rifts with loved ones from the past. The most scary part has to be the end; “a dramatic naked stunt in which we find out who has gained the confidence to literally bare all.” What does that mean? Each agent has to walk naked down a catwalk. Yes, you read that correctly.

BBC Three

I’m sure the guys from Million Dollar Listing would jump at the chance; should that happen I’ll be watching Dancing With The Stars. The good news is I can’t find a clip of the show anywhere on the Internet. You might want to hope things stay that way!

And you thought Survivor was bad!