Social Media and Data as a Disruptor

Earlier this year a very select and diverse group of business executives and thought leaders were invited to explore how social data can be more effectively harnessed to deliver higher performance. The group explored three primary topics: how social data can more effectively drive business performance, how social data can be harnessed to disrupt markets and industries, and how social data privacy standards might evolve.

In this first video Joshua Kauffman of The Quantified Self, talks about social media and big data as a disruptor.

Joshua explains:

“The first thing to realize is that social data is really personal data, it’s really data that is about us and data that is about us can come from so many different places. [] The scope is vast, in fact I would say the scope is all encompassing.”

He adds:

“The can generate and validate knowledge in the context of personal meaning. And so for large institutions and organizations the most important thing to contemplate right now is knowing that this is a mega trend, knowing that individuals are increasingly empowered with any number of new personal data tools. How can the large organizations and institutions empower those people in a way that is virtuous, in a way that has mutual benefit and ultimately in a way so that the individuals within these institution can be more productive and be doing it with more self knowledge?”

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