No More Mouse, No More Keyboard?

As Joseph Ferrara says “Everything can be improved” and that is never truer than with technology, especially hardware. I’ve covered Microsoft Surface before including a fun parody and the revolutionary MacBook Wheel 😉

I can add another video to the mix that gives more examples of this amazing technology. What specifically interested me was Microsoft’s Tom Gibbons answer to “When can you get one for your home?” He responded with “We are shooting for around three, four years.” This news segment is from mid 2007 so are we there yet? The Microsoft Surface Website does have a “How To Buy” button and details commercial and developer units but I haven’t seen anything in Best Buy.

I’ve seen similar technology at higher end hotels in Las Vegas and the Surface Website mentions you can play with the technology at the new Microsoft stores. Please let me know if you have seen it. Even Kim Kardashian say’s “Oh my God! This is so cool!” What better endorsement is that? (I really don’t mean that…) It has yet to meet the mainstream but it’s coming. I love technology :)