Google Analytics and AgencyLogic Single Property Websites

One very popular feature of AgencyLogic single property Websites is their ability to leverage Google Analytics, an enterprise-class Web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your Website traffic and marketing effectiveness.

Google Analytics

Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way. With Google Analytics, you’re more prepared to write better-targeted ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives and create higher converting websites.

Google Analytics

Features include:

Advertising ROI

Measure the success of your display, search, new media and offline advertising efforts.

Cross Channel and Multimedia Tracking

Compare your site usage metrics with industry averages and track Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

Visualizing Data

Uncover trends, patterns, and key comparisons with funnel visualization, motion charts, mapping, and more.

Customized Reporting

Create the reports, dashboards, and segments that make the most sense for your business.

Sharing and Communicating

Administration controls and email reports allow you to share data across your organization.

Google Integration and Reliability

Google Analytics complements a suite of related products, all running on the same world renowned infrastructure that powers Google.

The following video, from Google Small Business, walks through:

  • What can you learn from Google Analytics
  • Which reports show the answers
  • What can you do with this information

Of course let us know if you have questions!

PowerSite Profile – An Beautiful San Diego Home Using the New PowerSite Premium Single Property Website

Kurt Wannebo

Kurt Wannebo

Real estate agent Kurt Wannebo is marketing a beautiful San Diego home using our new mobile friendly PowerSite Premium single property Website product:

Each PowerSite Premium is a responsive, custom built Website that includes full screen, high resolution images of an individual home for sale.

3951 Corte Mar De Brisa San Diego CA 92130

He has included a detailed description, alist of features and a video:

Kurt has added a floor plan and links to all of his social media accounts:

Kurt Wannebo Social Media

He has has also embedded a Matterport virtual tour:

Nice job Kurt!

Every PowerSite Premium includes:

  • Full screen, high-resolution images
  • Lead generation contact links
  • A property summary
  • The ability to embed video
  • Agent photo, information and bio
  • Social media links
  • Address specific mapping
  • Brokerage logos and links

If you’re interested in hearing more information about our single property Websites or Facebook business page design services, or just want to know how to add a video to your Website, contact us! And remember with our subscription service you can create unlimited single property Websites for a low monthly fee :)

Tom Ferry Discusses A Bulletproof Video Content Marketing Strategy for 2017 and Beyond

If you’re not integrating video into everything you do, you run the risk of falling behind the competition. But if you do act now, you can put yourself ahead of the curve.

To make things easy, Tom provides tips and ideas to make video adoption easy for you. You’ll learn:

  • 6 Videos You Should Be Doing Regularly
  • 9 Simple Tips to Make the Most of Every Video
  • How Using Video Will Position You as the “Knowledge Broker” in Your Market

5 of the Most Bizarre Houses Around the World


Any ideas on how to list these five ‘homes’?

1. The Spaceship House in Chattanooga, TN:

Strange House

2. The Teapot Dome, in Zillah, WA was built in 1922 as a reminder of the Teapot Dome Scandal involving President Warren G. Harding and a federal petroleum reserve in Wyoming:

Strange House

3. The Boeing 727 House, in Benoit, MS. The plane set Joanne Ussary back $2,000.00, cost $4,000.00 to move, and $24,000.00 to renovate. The stairs open with a garage door remote, and one of the bathrooms is still intact. And let’s not forget the personal jacuzzi in the cockpit:

Strange House

4. Our personal favorite is the toilet-shaped house in Suwon (South Korea). South Korean sanitation activists marked the start of a global toilet association right here on November 21, 2007 by lifting the lid on the world’s first lavatory-shaped home. It offers plenty of water closet space…:

Strange House

5. And last but not least the Nautilus House, in Mexico DF (Mexico) is a seashell-inspired abode built by designed by Senosiain Arquitectos:

Strange House

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