A Hilarious Agent Video – Zillow? It’s Me

We’ve highlighted a few agent songs/parodies over the years (see “Real Estate Meets Taylor Swift (Well Sort of…)” and “Are These The Best or Worst Real Estate Marketing Videos You Have Ever Seen?“) but like this one in particular because the agent can actually sing 😉 Enjoy!

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Are These The Best or Worst Real Estate Marketing Videos You Have Ever Seen?

Where do we begin… how about with San Diego’s Rafael Perez.

There’s no doubting his video is getting attention and Perez is not the first real estate rapper we have highlighted recently (see: “Real Estate Rap: Houses Gettin’ Sold!“) but is this comedy/marketing genius or so bad it’s like seeing a car accident; you simply can’t turn away?

Next up is this video from Los Angeles based Realtors Cherrie Brown, Zach McReynolds and Sara Spalione. Perhaps there’s something in the Southern California water?

And it’s not just real estate agents, it’s also lenders:

The question that really has to be asked: does this type of marketing help or hurt a business?

Tom Ferry The Rapper?

We regularly highlight the great marketing and sales advice from Tom Ferry and quite a few real estate related rap videos too (see: Do You Know Penny?, Houses Gettin’ Sold!, Sellin’ Homes, and the collection Best or Worst Real Estate Marketing Videos which includes our favorite with Rafael Perez).

With no apologies to George Costanza worlds are about to collide! Enjoy :)

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