“Creative” Real Estate Gifts ;)

Stuck trying to work out what to buy a colleague for their birthday? We hope the following gift’s, all available from cafepress, will give you some ideas 😉

The Realtor Thong – $14.99

Realtor Thong

Real Estate Clock – $27.99

Realtor Clock

Trust Me Real Estate Mug – $9.95

Trust Me Real Estate Mug

Broker T-Shirt – $29.99

Broker T-shirt

Pet Friendly Realtor License Plate – $19.99

Pet Friendly Realtor License Plate

How Adding Documents to Single Property Websites Improves Marketing and Communication

Businesses, regardless of what services or products they offer, are constantly being evaluated and compared on their level of customer service. As a successful Realtor and small business owner, how can you provide the best customer service?

Single Property Websites

AgencyLogic single property Websites can help by providing real estate agents with a way to share documents including inspections, contracts, marketing documentation and spreadsheets. Not only does this help answer questions but also provides more property related information than is available anywhere else on the Web, eases the sales process, saves time and therefore money for all parties and finally demonstrates technical ability and obviously outstanding customer service on the part of the real estate agent.

Agents can upload several file formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Zip and PDF (plus others). It is also possible to create a central document library thereby saving time whenever files need to be used across multiple single property Websites.

single property websites documents

Documents on AgencyLogic single property Websites have three levels of security:

  • Open – Anyone who views the site can access the information
  • E-mail Address Required – An e-mail address must be entered before accessing documentation
  • E-mail Address and Password Required – An e-mail address must be entered and the Realtor must be contacted directly in order to obtain the password

Utilizing the third level of protection ensures any interested person interested contacts the Realtor directly, therefore generating solid leads and reliable contact information.

The question isn’t really why should you use a single property website, it’s how can you market effectively without one?

If you’re interested in single property Websites, visit AgencyLogic.com today!

Ben Balsbaugh – The Real Estate Version of Michael Scott?

Welcome to Ben Balsbaugh who according to his Website:

“believes in good old-fashioned hard work, attention to detail and really listening to the client’s interests and concerns”

It seems he also likes to raise a smile. As a fan of NBC’s hit comedy “The Office” we thoroughly enjoyed the following short marketing skit. With fun and original content like this I’m sure he leaves all his clients satisfied and smiling (that’s what she said!)

Maintaining the REALTOR® Brand for the Next 100 Years

NAR celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the REALTOR® marks in 2016! In order to ensure the REALTOR® marks are protected for another 100 years, it’s important that the REALTOR® marks are used only in accordance with NAR’s trademark rules. This video reviews important rules for associations to be aware of so they and their members are using the REALTOR® marks properly.