Where’s a Marketing Budget to Go?

Source: Statista

Creating content is the top goal for marketing pros around the world. According to figures compiled by communications and marketing agency Cognito, 61 percent of the 165 marketing leaders they interviewed for a survey named creating content as the area where more of their marketing budget will be invested in 2018. This makes sense, as in the previous report only 18 percent of respondents were happy with the content they could market.

Investor relations (71 percent) and public affairs (69 percent) featured in the two top positions of areas where investment will remain the same. The top loser according to the survey will be traditional advertising, with 40 percent of marketing leaders wanting to invest less.

These developments could have negative implications for traditional media outlets, as the volume of content published or disseminated by company marketers could more strongly compete with traditional publishing content. Diverting dollars from traditional advertising could also negatively affect heritage media ad revenue. This chart was first published by our partner FIPP.


Is There ROI In Social Media?

Stephen M. FellsI’ve been to almost every real estate conference, expo, and tradeshow at least once over the last couple of years and when I add in Barcamps and tweetups and socials I can say with some certaintanty that I’ve also heard a lot, and I mean a lot, of people talking about social media and real estate.

At the risk of sounding like a ‘know it all’ there are very few commentators that actually teach me anything new. Take into consideration that I co-founded a social application company four years ago and I hope you understand why I tend to lose focus when I hear speakers talk about “How Facebook can help your real estate business”. The content is just a little bit stale.

But there are some people, about a handful, who I want to listen to more. They are people that I continue to learn from, who make me think and I are truly value time spent hearing their thoughts.

Jeff Turner is one of those people. In this brief video, Jeff talks about the ROI (return on investment) of social media for real estate agents. Enjoy:

Coldwell Banker Generation Blue Panel – How To Use Social Media To Impact Your Bottom Line

You have to love that it’s now so easy to watch great presentations without the cost of travelling to conferences :) No flight, no hotel, no lost baggage!

Earlier this month Coldwell Banker ran its “Generation Blue Experience” in Las Vegas.

In the following video from that event, three Coldwell Banker agents, Jessica Edwards, Christophe Choo and Maya Paveza, discuss how they’ve made social media a part of their day to day business and used it to impact their bottom line. Enjoy :)