Voice for Real Estate – Harvey, Flood Insurance, Scams and Safety

REALTORS stepped up with on-the-ground aid and contributions to the Realtors Relief Foundation to help those in need after Harvey swept through Texas. Meanwhile, NAR continues to ask Congress to pass an extension of flood insurance. Safety and cyber scams continue to be issues for real estate professionals. And what’s the latest in residential and commercial markets?

The Problem (And a Solution) For Telephone Spam/Scam Problems

What about using the same technology phone spammers/scammers use, and turn it against them? The results can be quite entertaining.

Roger Anderson is a tinkerer, podcaster, and founder of the Jolly Roger Telephone Company, which works to disrupt the unsolicited telemarketing industry by creating unique ways to deal with auto and predictive dialers, soundboards, and cold callers.

Having two land-line telephones for decades, Roger would often receive telemarketer calls and shrug them off. When his son became old enough to answer the phone, the boy received a call from a very aggressive telemarketer who said enough “bad words” for Roger to start looking for a solution. Since then, Roger has undertook a crusade to understand how auto and predictive dialing works and create technologies that circumvent, disrupt, trick, and challenge the unsolicited telemarketing industry.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx.

Voice for Real Estate – Gen Xers, Florida Real Estate Scam, Water Rule, Flood Insurance

NAR looks at a scam hitting Florida real estate professionals in which cyber criminals have created a fake real estate group in an effort to collect fees. The video also looks at the return of Gen Xers to the market after being hard hit by the foreclosure crisis, Congress’ effort to reform and reauthorize federal flood insurance, and the Trump administration’s review of an environmental rule NAR would like to see revised.

Google Tips: Avoid Scams!

In the following Google video we learn about how to identify scams online. If someone offers you some new shoes, a free iPad or an all expense paid trip to Hawaii, you should be suspicious. These offers might seem harmless, but these could be dangerous ways to get your personal information.

Voice for Real Estate – Scams, Accounting and Appraisals

Scammers are diverting home purchase money by posing as one of the settlement service providers in residential transactions. They succeed by hacking into the email account of the consumer or lender or title agent and learning transaction details. Then they set up a false email and trick the buyer into sending the money to them. The scams are a top story in this weeks “Voice for Real Estate”

Other stories: how accounting changes could help commercial practitioners, why NAR has concerns with FHA single-family handbook changes, and where home sales are heading.