Social Sharing – The Most Viral Part of Single Property Websites

One huge benefit of AgencyLogic PowerSites is how viral they are. Home sellers love to tell people about “their” single Property Website and better yet, with our social sharing feature anyone looking at the Website can also share the property information.

Using a powerful share button it is possible to distribute single property Website data to over 200 different online services:

Social Share Button

Visitors to your single property Website simply click the share button:

Single Property Website Share Button

And then pick from any of the huge list of online Websites (and the list keeps getting bigger!):

Single Property Website Social Network Shares

Please contact us if you have questions.

Why is My Listing Not Selling? Tom Ferry Discusses The Re-list Strategy

Did you ever wonder why your listing isn’t selling? It all comes down to this: If it isn’t compelling, it isn’t selling!

These are unique times in the market and I’ve got a proven strategy that will make your listings more compelling!

In today’s episode of the #TomFerryShow you will learn:

  • A winning plan to re-list properties
  • How to remove your clients concerns about the market
  • 3 pricing strategy options that will make your listings more compelling

Where Can You Get The Best and Cheapest Single Property Websites?

Following last years announcement we have seen a huge number of agents sign up for the AgencyLogic single property Website subscription platform.


Part of the reason is that it offers unlimited single property Websites for under $10 a month, another part is the long list of features that are bundled with each listing Website:

Single Property Website

It is also possible to have:

  • Your own custom designs
  • Integration with your Facebook page
  • A white label version for your brokerage.

If unlimited single property Websites for less than $10 still isn’t enough then have your broker contact us; our prices are even lower for brokerages!

There simply isn’t another option when it comes to the combined pricing and features that our subscription platform provides.

For more information visit:

Real Estate Facebook Business Pages

People spend more time on Facebook than pretty much every other Website combined. Now the audience has moved it’s vital that you have a Facebook business page that represents you, your expertise and your listings.

With AgencyLogic it’s easy to get started, easy to use, affordable and your listings update automatically!

AgencyLogic Real Estate Facebook Business Page

FREE PowerSite Listings Tab

Adding your PowerSite Listings to your Facebook business page is completely free for AgencyLogic customers. Once your listings feed is added to your business page, your listings are automatically displayed and updated in real-time with no extra work for you. Make a change to any PowerSite and the change is instantly reflected inside Facebook. Your listings feed will link directly to your live, individual, single property websites.

Price: FREE!

For more information click here.

Custom Facebook Business Pages

It’s important to make a professional first impression for visitors to your Facebook page. Choose from one of our high-quality customization packages to create a unique, professional, high-impact presentation. You’ll stand out from the thousands of plain vanilla pages your competitors are using.

Basic Package Price: $50

For more information click here.

Professional Package Price: $395

For more information click here.

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PowerSite Profile – A Embedded Video, Clean Design and Custom Links for this Sonoma, CA Home

Gary and Ashley Brown

Gary and Ashley Brown

Pacific Union agents Gary and Ashley Brown have created a simple but effective single property Website for their Wood Valley Road, Sonoma, CA listing:

The center piece is a video that leverages a drone showing the highest high quality images:

3590 Wood Valley Road, Sonoma CA from Flying House Films on Vimeo.

They have also added custom links to area events personalizing the home with very local information:

Single Property Website Menu

Gary and Ashley’s Website also includes:

Finally they have chosen a standard design that is aesthetically clean:

Single Property Website

Nice job!

If you’re interested in hearing more information about our single property Websites or Facebook business page design services, or just want to know how to add a video to your Website, contact us! And remember with our subscription service you can create unlimited single property Websites for a low monthly fee :)