Facebook Explains How Their News Feed Ranking Works

With News Feed ranking, Facebook’s algorithms leverage available signals and make a set of predictions that help us to estimate how meaningful we think every story will be to each person on Facebook. At leas that’s how they explain things.

The question however is, does it work? For many the answer is no and this is made worse by Facebook forcing us to see what they think are ‘Top Stories’. If you want to control what you see there is an option (see: ‘Control What You See on Facebook‘) but note; your Facebook settings will default back to ‘Top Stories’ as soon as you click away.

In the interim at least this video sheds some light on things.

AgencyLogic Support Series – How to Get A Vimeo Embed Code

AgencyLogic single property Websites allow you to link to and embed a video. To get a Vimeo embed code follow these steps. If you have questions please call:

(888) 201-5160

or email:


Step 1:

Visit Vimeo and click on the video you want to embed. In the top right corner you will see a graphic that looks like a paper airplane:

Single Property Website

Step 2:

The “Share this Video” window will appear:

Single Property Website

Step 3:

Click in the “Embed” window and copy the text (use the “Control” and “C” keys):

Single Property Website

You can then paste the code into your single property Website, blog, Website or other online page/content.