How Kyle Whissel Leveraged Video Marketing to Earn Six Figures in Commission (From the Tom Ferry Success Summit)

Kyle Whissel shares his secrets on how his team leveraged video in order to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in commission, earned the recognition of being “Person of the Year” in his community, and land the biggest listing of his career.

Tom Ferry Discusses A Bulletproof Video Content Marketing Strategy for 2017 and Beyond

If you’re not integrating video into everything you do, you run the risk of falling behind the competition. But if you do act now, you can put yourself ahead of the curve.

To make things easy, Tom provides tips and ideas to make video adoption easy for you. You’ll learn:

  • 6 Videos You Should Be Doing Regularly
  • 9 Simple Tips to Make the Most of Every Video
  • How Using Video Will Position You as the “Knowledge Broker” in Your Market