The Danger of Google Maps :)

Stephen M. FellsIf you’ve ever used MapQuest you’ll understand just how good Google Maps is. I think the name ‘MapQuest’ is either (tragically) ironic or a secret joke – following their maps really is like a quest.

The last time I used their service it took me two hours to travel to somewhere an hour away. I saw some beautiful homes, picturesque towns and countless fields which was great but I was late for my appointment. As a result I switched to Google Maps and have never looked back (sorry, couldn’t resist that!)

But Google Maps has its own problems, specifically Street View. As you may or may not know Google has vehicles travelling every road photographing a world view from the street, hence the name. But things happen ‘down on the street’ (just ask Shakatak) and innocent passersby are sometimes caught at inopportune moments. These are just a few, I have dozens more so let me know if you want to see them. Enjoy :)

Beer Gut Man
Location: 56 Bond St W, Oshawa, ON, Canada

Google Street View 1

The Unfriendly Neighbor
Location: 115 Tuscany Springs Green NW, Calgary, AB, Canada

Google Street View 2

Truck On Fire
Location: 44 Robinglade Dr, Toronto, ON, Canada

Google Street View 3

The Blowup Doll
Location:Square de Clignancourt Paris, France

Google Street View 4

New York Success!
Location: 218 9th Ave, New York, NY, United States

Google Street View 5

Man With Gun
Location: 528 7th St, Rapid City, SD, United States

Google Street View 6

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9 thoughts on “The Danger of Google Maps :)

  1. Stephen,

    That brought a smile to my face today, thank you.

    So guys next time you see a car with some incredible camera gear mounted on top; YOU know what to do! };-)

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  3. Stephen – Thanks for the morning chuckle! I appreciate your great sense of humor!

    All kidding aside, Google Maps can be a powerful tool for a web-savvy real estate pro. By creating MyMaps with your Google Profile, you can meet the needs of consumers and drive traffic back to your “hub”, which is your website and blog.

    We are creating a MyMap for Hoboken Condo Specialist Walter Burns. One of the primary pain points in Hoboken is the running joke about the lack of parking for condo owners. The Google map with plotted public and private parking facilities should be a big hit Hoboken condo buyers and be yet one more conduit of traffic back to Walter’s website.

    Agents should think about what high-value map would fulfill a need in their area and create them with their Google Profile.

    Thanks again for making me smile!


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