Can Food Incentivize a Home Sale?

We recently highlighted ‘Pizza Hut, Domino’s To Enter Real Estate Industry?‘ and it would seem this isn’t a unique way to market a home using food.

First we saw this image:

Real Estate Fail 1

and then this photo went viral, which has been great exposure for the listing agent:

Real Estate Fail

Which prompts a question – is this marketing actually effective?

What Costs £1,000,000, Is 7 Foot Wide and You Can Live In It?

Business Insider UK got an inside look at the ‘slim house’ in London; a home that measures only 7.5ft wide.

The narrow building features 3 floors, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and was renovated by architects alma-nac, who added features to the house to maximise every inch of the limited space.

Take a look inside the home that appears small on the outside, but is deceptively large inside.

It is on sale for £1 million.

Would you live in this house?

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MLS Photo Fail Conundrum – Should We Laugh At or Feel Empathy For The Listing Agent?

We routinely highlight some of the worst MLS photos around but recently an agent posted this comment on Really Bad MLS Photos. Kay stated:

“Some of these are indecent, but don’t “shoot the messenger” if the homeowner won’t prepare for photos or have good taste. If the kitchen is painted like a rainbow, what’s an agent to do? Neglect showing a kitchen photo?”

which promotes some questions; what can an agent do when a home is nowhere near ready to photo and market? Related but different: what should an agent do?

While it’s hard to defend some of the photos, should an agent spend time staging a home to make them more pleasing on the eye prior to taking the photo? In the context of this question ‘staging’ can mean something as simple as tidying up. For example, this photo would look a lot better sans the vacuum cleaner:


Should the agent have closed the doors, removed the cups and wiped down the surfaces prior to taking this photo?


And with the toilet seat down, trash can emptied and the towel removed this photo is 100% better:


But again, how much is too much when it comes to, at a minimum, tidying up?

While you ponder the questions take a look at this home which is listed on Zillow. What, if anything, could be done in this instance?

The agent is clear:

“Attention Investors, Needs complete rehab, cash only offers considered, will not qualify for financing. Extensive mold and hoarding, house conveys “as is” with all contents. Subject to Probate Court Approval.”

And here are the photos…what say you?