Tom Ferry Discusses How to Hire Your First Assistant

When it gets busy at work, we sometimes forget about the things that make us money. In the following video Tom discusses how you can step up your game and hire your first assistant!

Or if you already have an assistant this is a refresher for you to think about leveling up and adding some else to your team!

He covers:

  • How to hire an assistant
  • How to train an assistant
  • How to stay organized and manage your time WISELY

Tom Ferry Discusses Why Your Holidays Might Suck

Do you know anyone who has celebrated too early? We know that the economy is up and real estate is great in markets across the country but for some agents, complacency will kick in just as things start getting good.

If you get complacent now, you’ll feel the effects just as the holiday season begins.

This week on the Tom Ferry Show you’ll learn:

  • The 3 disciplines
  • How to make sure you have a holiday season with more joy
  • What you need to do to take your “automatic shot”

Tom Ferry Discusses How to Stay Motivated for Maximum Effort – The Power of Ambition

Are you not motivated enough to put in the maximum effort you need to run your business? We all know how important motivation and ambition are and this is your time to shine; the opportunities for your success have never been greater.

In this episode of the #TomFerryShow, you will learn:

  • A proven financial blueprint for success
  • The one question you HAVE to answer to fuel your ambition
  • How to achieve maximum effort

Sales Jedi Mind Tricks – Advanced Persuasion Tactics to Influence People

In the following video Tom discusses advanced sales tactics and scripts that will give you an edge over the competition! Be warned; with great power comes great responsibility!

You will learn:

  • The four levels of learning
  • How to effectively plant thoughts into your prospect’s minds
  • The proven scripts to be Sales Jedi!

Download the Script Book here.

Tom Ferry Discusses The Perfect Elevator Pitch: Stand Out from the Competition

Do you have any competition in your marketplace? You know there are a ton of agents out there! The challenge is how to separate yourself from the competition?

“Because, if you’re not unique, you’re weak!”

This week on the #TomFerryShow you’ll learn:

  • The proven way to stand out amongst the competition
  • The tried and true formula to solve your customers’ problems and provide value
  • A killer marketing campaign you will love