How Kyle Whissel Leveraged Video Marketing to Earn Six Figures in Commission (From the Tom Ferry Success Summit)

Kyle Whissel shares his secrets on how his team leveraged video in order to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in commission, earned the recognition of being “Person of the Year” in his community, and land the biggest listing of his career.

Tom Ferry Discusses Objection Handling For 5 Common Objections in Real Estate

What would it feel like to know exactly what to say and how to say it when you get an objection from a prospect?

You’d probably:

  • Feel more confident to pick up the phone.
  • Convert more leads into deals.
  • And gain more control of your business.

And that’s why this #TomFerryShow is dedicated entirely to role playing five of the most common objections agents hear from buyers and sellers.

Tom Ferry Discusses The Best Voicemail Script, Real Estate Marketing, Beating Competition, Leveraging Time and More!

In the most recent Tom Ferry Show, Tom answers seven questions from agents about their businesses.

You’ll also learn:

  • My best voicemail message to elicit a call back.
  • What to do if you can make ONLY ONE video.
  • Four crucial questions to gain consistency in your business.
  • How to maximize a $200 monthly marketing budget.
  • Why you need to leverage… or lose money.
  • How the “180-degree theory” can help you compete with the big dogs.
  • 3 books you should be reading now.