Harlem Shake – The Real Estate Industry Responds :)

You knew it had to come :) And these are just the start! If you aren’t already familiar with the latest YouTube craze/meme here’s Wikipedia’s explanation:

“The videos last between 30 and 32 seconds and feature an excerpt from the song “Harlem Shake” by electronic musician Baauer. Usually, a video begins with one person (often helmeted or masked) dancing to the song alone for 15 seconds, surrounded by other people not paying attention or unaware of the dancing individual. When the bass drops, the video cuts to the entire crowd doing a crazy convulsive dance for the next 15 seconds.”

Here are six, yes there a lot more……so which one do you think is best?

From Coldwell Banker:

From RE/MAX:

From Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate:

From Adam Helton:

From The Anderson Real Estate Group:

And finally from Whitney Pannell:

For what it’s worth here is my favorite – it’s not real estate related but does make me wish I could see more of the KSLA news team :)

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