Castle Life, Just 20 Minutes from Manhattan

With 28 rooms, a view of the Hudson River and a storied past, this castle has hosted celebrities, movie shoots and even the ballet. It’s one of the last privately owned castles remaining in New York. Take a peek behind the scenes of this $3.5 million estate.

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If An Englishman’s Home is His Castle Then This Has To Be The Perfect Property For Sale!

In the 1628 “Institutes of the Laws of England” it states:

“For a man’s house is his castle, et domus sua cuique est tutissimum refugium.”

Which translated means:

“For a man’s house is his castle, and each man’s home is his safest refuge.”

And so to this amazing property.

Thorne Island is located off the Pembrokeshire coast near the entrance to Milford Haven (which is in the United Kingdom) and about quarter of a mile offshore from the sandy beach of West Angle Bay. It also boasts a single ‘home’ for sale:













The description adds:

“The accommodation is contained primarily on the ground floor level around a large courtyard and had more recently been two bars, cloakrooms, games room, dining room, kitchen, nine bedrooms, a shower room, two bathrooms, a sauna, two self-catering kitchens, a laundry and other ancillary accommodation.

Thorne Island has been uninhabited for a considerable time with some interiors in a state of disrepair and it is envisaged a new owner will wish to reconfigure the accommodation.

The fort on Thorne Island was constructed of local stone between 1852 and 1854 as an outer defence to Milford Haven, at that time a large naval base. It was designed for a garrison of 100 men. It was sold by the state in 1932 for conversion to a hotel and is Grade II* Listed as a well preserved Fort of Lord Palmerston’s Haven defences.”

And it can be yours for £550,000 or about $690,000.

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An Englishman’s Home Is His Castle; In Some Cases Literally!

We’ve highlighted a church as a home not once but twice, islands for sale, a boat that doubles up as a house, strange homes and so to castles (some a little more castle like than others). If you are in the market for something a little more than the avergage ‘two up, two down’ here’s six to pick through. Enjoy :)

Name: Stratford Castle
Location: South Africa
Price: US$ 365,000

Stratford Castle 1

Stratford Castle 2

Stratford Castle 3

Name: The Berkeley Castle
Location: West Virginia, US
Price: US$ 1,800,000

The Berkeley Castle 1

The Berkeley Castle 2

The Berkeley Castle 3

Name: Solomon’s Castle
Location: Florida, US
Price: US$ 2,500,000

Solomon Castle 1

Solomon Castle 2

Solomon Castle 3

Name: Sunshine Castle
Location: Australia
Price: AUS$ 5,500,000

Sunshine Castle 1

Sunshine Castle 2

Sunshine Castle 3

Sunshine Castle 4

Sunshine Castle 5

Name: Killahara Castle
Location: Ireland
Price: Unavailable – FSBO (!)

Killahara Castle 1

Killahara Castle 2

Killahara Castle 3

Killahara Castle 4

Killahara Castle 5

Killahara Castle 6

Name: Cathar Fortress
Location: France
Price: Unavailable

Cathar Fortress 1

Cathar Fortress 2

Cathar Fortress 3

Cathar Fortress 4

Cathar Fortress 5

Cathar Fortress 6