AgencyLogic Support Series – What Is Included in a Single Property Website?

A single property Website helps agents, brokers, home owners and others involved in real estate to market a single home using the highest form of personalized marketing. The Websites are used in listing presentations and serve as the single richest source of information about one home online.

single property websites

Each single property Website is accessible via a unique domain name that traditionally reflects the properties street address, a feature that is included with the product.

Also included:

  • Custom Domain Name
  • Sophisticated Lead Capture
  • Integrated QR Codes
  • Unlimited High-definition Photos
  • Full Screen Slideshow with Detailed Captions
  • Custom Photo Banners
  • Video, Blog, Podcast and Audio Integration
  • Unlimited Property Description Text
  • Automated Property Maps & Area School Links
  • Unlimited Custom Links and Custom Pages
  • Email and Print Flyers
  • Facebook integration
  • HTML Flyer
  • Apple iPad/iPhone Compatible More
  • Unbranded MLS Link
  • Enhanced SEO and Free Syndication
  • PowerSite Showcase: Seamless Integration with your Website
  • Facebook Business Pages Listings and Landing Page
  • Direct post to
  • Social Sharing via Facebook, Twitter and hundreds more social networks
  • Track & Share Website Statistics
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Professionally Designed Templates
  • Open House Announcement
  • Unlimited Changes
  • The Activity Center
  • Free Training

Example single property Websites can be seen at:

AgencyLogic Support Series – How To Find a Job in Real Estate

Follr has integrated the indeed job data which gives you access to countless jobs in all industries including real estate.

To find a real estate job please follow these steps – if you have additional questions give us a call on:

(888) 201-5160

or email:

Step 1:

After you log into your Follr account you will see the Activity Screen:


Step 2:

Click on “Careers” in the top menu:

Sports Fan Communities

Step 3:

You will then see the “Jobs & Careers” page:

Sports Fan Communities

Step 4:

Enter in your search criteria:

Real Estate Job Search

then click the “Search” button to see all matching jobs:

Real Estate Job Search Results

Step 5:

Click the job title to see full details:

Real Estate Job Search Results 2

Real Estate Job Search Results 3

10 More Unusual Business Cards

We’ve recently highlighted some creative and unusual business cards (see: 10 Unusual Business Cards) and here are some more courtesy of Oddee. Enjoy:

This restaurant business card is all Greek to me!

Furniture company Tok&Stok have a business card that turns into a chair:

This makeup company uses an ink stamp to leave their mark on paper, napkins and cards:

A telecoms engineer uses a circuit board that includes a letter and his resume/CV when plugged into a computer:

Dog trainer Sergio Freitas uses actual dog biscuits as a business card :)

And security consultant Kevin Mitnick includes a lock picking kit:

This Divorce Mediator includes a condom in her business card. I’m scratching my head on this one…

Brazilian cargo company Tam Cargo have a business card that transforms in a box:

And Dr. Hajnal Kiprov provides breast enhancement services:

And finally…perhaps lady Gaga will like this meat business card :)

10 Unusual Business Cards

Whenever we meet someone in a business environment we go through the tradition of exchanging business cards. The question is, with the following, very creative, business cards could you trash them easily?

If you want to see more click here :)

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The Follr Personal Profile Website – An Overview of Mobile

What is responsive design or RWD?

“Responsive design (often abbreviated to RWD) is an approach to web design in which a site is crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

When you consider just how much mobile dominates peoples attention the time is rapidly approaching when we spend more time on our phone than watching TV. As a result the importance of having Web content present effectively on mobiles and tablets can’t be understated. So we have made sure that every Follr Personal Profile Website looks as good as it can on every phone:

And here is now it will look on an iPad:

The default information displayed can be changed so you have the choice of highlighting your Social Wall, links or Timeline:

We will continue to post details on other aspects of Follr via this blog. Please let us know what you think!

Now You Can See Which Social Network is The Most Effective

If you are a Follr Pro user you get detailed statistics that show you many things!

To access your statistics simply log into your account and click your profile image in the top right corner:

Follr Statistics

Click the ‘Statistics’ link which will show you the available reports:

Follr Statistics Choices

You can see who has visited your profile:

Follr Statistics Visitors

and also where people researched you. Are they more interested in your Facebook account or LinkedIn profile? This is invaluable information because it tells you where you should be focusing your marketing efforts:

Follr Statistics Clicks

Click here to create your Follr account today!