10 Unusual Business Cards

Whenever we meet someone in a business environment we go through the tradition of exchanging business cards. The question is, with the following, very creative, business cards could you trash them easily?

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A Modern Real Estate Agents Story – What is Yours?

Follr has many features that can help market a real estate agent. A question first though.


When people search for you online (and you know they do before they ever meet you) what do they find?

Some other things to ponder. Assuming they find information that actually does relate to you (and not to a namesake) will they form a positive or negative opinion about your marketing ability, technical knowledge, your character?

Put another way – what is your online story?

Social Story

Here’s a link to a real estate version of Follr Personal. It’s not for a real real estate agent but you will see that the story being told is detailed, current and therefore better represents the agent.


Things to focus on:

  • The home page includes ‘Social Wall‘, a highly visual mashup of your (our your brokers) social media content. Click the ‘Full Screen’ button to see it in its full glory :)
  • The ‘About‘ tab allows you to highlight images and videos.
  • The Website is responsive so it works on every mobile phone and tablet.
  • It has a unique domain name, think YourName.com.
  • The Website is also a document repository.
  • And finally ‘Timeline‘ – a unique way to tell your story, your whole story.

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Kyle Rank: A Real Estate Profile Website That Brings Everything Together

Kyle Rank

Kyle Rank

In the book “The New Digital Age” Google Chairman Eric Schmidt states “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results.”

Clearly Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Managing Broker Kyle Rank gets that. He describes himself as “obsessed with anything tech or real estate” but you really don’t need to be technically savvy to understand the value of his profile Website:


Kyle has done an amazing job by adding:

An intro video: www.kylerank.me/about
A personal story: www.kylerank.me/timeline
Helpful documents: www.kylerank.me/documents
And real-time personal and professional social media content: www.kylerank.me/wall

Kyle Rank

From an SEO perspective Kyle unfortunately shares his name with a professional ice hockey player but a search on “Kyle Rank Real Estate” places his profile Website 1st organically – note, it places higher than realtor.com, yelp, zillow and even his broker Website:

Follr Profile Organic SEO Search Results

Kyles profile Website also allows anyone to contact him, read his resume and see his endorsements. And as part of the Follr network Kyle gets to connect with other agents.

Nice job Kyle!

The AgencyLogic Social Real Estate Marketing System Explained

How do you take advantage of the many ways and places to promote your properties? Currently the only way is to find many services from many companies. It’s time-consuming, expensive and none of them work well together.

AgencyLogic has solved this problem by creating the first fully integrated social marketing system. Everything you need from one company that all works together with minimal effort! Maximum property exposure and professional personal branding. Fully integrated and affordable!

But don’t take our word for it, here is what Napa REALTOR Maurice Tegelaar says:

Maurice Tegellar Quote

Each product works great alone but together they create a powerful marketing solution.

AgencyLogic Single Property Website Social Media

All connected, all from one company, all you’ll ever need, all affordably priced!

powersitePowerSite Property Websites

PowerSites are single property Websites that are 100% dedicated to one listing. Use our Web-based tools to create showcase Websites that impress both sellers AND buyers! PowerSites make it easy for you to create a powerful listing presentation and are an integrated part of our social real estate marketing solution. For more information click here.

facebookFacebook Marketing Solutions

We offer the tools to make you stand out on Facebook. Our free listings feed automatically adds published PowerSites to your Facebook page. We also offer two Facebook business page customization to make a professional first impression via your Facebook page. For more information click here.

follrPersonal Profile Website

All your online information organized and discoverable and much more. Create a free Personal Profile Website and add your property listings, social profiles and contact information. There’s no better way to manage your personal brand and create another sales channel for your listings. For more information click here.

Are You A Member of The AgencyLogic Real Estate Community?

We regularly cover the activities and great software features coming out of Follr but did you know about the AgencyLogic Real Estate Community?

AgencyLogic Single Property Website Follr Real Estate Community

The community allows real estate agents to:

1. Chat and share ideas with other agents
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